Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Born, George August  01 Feb 1882Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P989
2 Guethel, Norma M  30 Mar 1902Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1538
3 Guettel, Alfred Jacob  30 Apr 1890Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1536
4 Guettel, Edward Clarence  25 Dec 1898Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1535
5 Guettel, Elmer H  25 Sep 1907Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1537
6 Guettel, Hermann  Mar 1860Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1534
7 Guettel, Robert  15 Jun 1880Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P4800
8 Hulseman, Henry Frederick  25 Dec 1867Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P28
9 Klatt, Albert William  20 Apr 1889Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1399
10 Kuchler, Edward Frank  25 Mar 1888Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P3960
11 Laverrenz, Arthur J  24 Dec 1886Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1246
12 Michaelis, Eleanor E.  21 Nov 1898Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1237
13 Michaelis, Florence Mable Matilda  30 May 1907Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1235


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Guethel, Norma M  24 Jul 1960Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1538
2 Jahr, Stanley Harvey  20 Jun 1987Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1306
3 Jahrli, Cecilie  02 Apr 1881Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P4799
4 Kuchler, Joseph  21 Sep 1945Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P463
5 Reetz, Carolina  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1233
6 Streubel, Mathilde  25 Jan 1953Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P618


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Rathkamp, Friedrich Washington  12 May 1909Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P361
2 Smith, Ruth Ann   P104


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kuglitsch, Paul  03 Mar 1906Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Michaelis, Charles F W  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    other    Person ID 
1 Born, George August  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P989
2 Gleissner, George Peter  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P484
3 Justman, Adolph Edward  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1705
4 Kuchler, Edward Frank  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P3960
5 Wahl, Bernard Robert  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P2963


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Esther  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1834
2 Beale, Marilyn  1995-2002Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P444
3 Beck, Ella  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P993
4 Bischky, Sophia  1926Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P202
5 Brockhaus, Ida Albertine Wilhelmine  1930Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P64
6 Dachs, Alois  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P41
7 Dreiseitel, Joanne Elizabeth   P4
8 Dreiseitel, Othmar Josef   P1045
9 Dreiseitel, Othmar Josef   P1045
10 Goldmann, Elizabeth  1959Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1053
11 Guettel, Alfred Jacob  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1536
12 Guettel, Alfred Jacob  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1536
13 Guettel, Alfred Jacob  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1536
14 Guettel, Alma  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P4802
15 Guettel, Edward Clarence  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1535
16 Guettel, Edward Clarence  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1535
17 Guettel, Hermann  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1534
18 Guettel, Hermann  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1534
19 Hartmann, Sophie Elisabeth  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P321
20 Hülsemann, Dorothee  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P169
21 Hülsemann, Dorothee  1919Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P169
22 Homsher, Carl Melvin  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1058
23 Homsher, Carl Melvin  1949Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1058
24 Homsher, Marion J   P1103
25 Homsher, Melvin   P1102
26 Homsher, Morris Melvin  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1101
27 Homsher, Robert Edwin  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P253
28 Horsch, Adele Ann  1953Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P603
29 Jahr, Stanley Harvey  1949Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1306
30 Klatt, Albert William  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1399
31 Laverrenz, Arthur J  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1246
32 Laverrenz, Arthur J  1925Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1246
33 Liefke, Herman  1926Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P375
34 Manteufel, Florence E  1926Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P718
35 Michaelis, Elsie Lillie  1949Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1057
36 Navarro, Jesse Guadalupe  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P653
37 Nelson, Ronald Stephen   P642
38 Niesl, Gertrude  1949Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P44
39 Niesl, Joseph  1891Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P116
40 Niesl, Joseph  1903Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P116
41 Niesl, Kathleen Sue   P9
42 Niesl, Mary  1928Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P127
43 Patten, Kari Sue   P372
44 Patten, Kaydee Lynn   P371
45 Patten, Leroy E  1924Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1835
46 Patten, Leroy E  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P1835
47 Rathkamp, Anna E.  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P167
48 Rathkamp, David   P67
49 Rathkamp, Frieda Lena  1900Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P346
50 Rathkamp, Harry Milton  1942Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA P358

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Guettel / Jahrli  09 Oct 1879Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA F1245
2 Guettel / Streubel  30 Oct 1886Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA F1244
3 Homsher / Niesl   F232
4 Jahr / Niesl  8 Sep 1939Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA F284
5 Nelson / Patten   F289
6 Patten / Klatt   F134
7 Rathkamp / Cheke   F3
8 Rathkamp / Dreiseitel   F2
9 Rathkamp / Metzger  07 Oct 1903Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA F33