Where The Hell Are All The Germans???

We paid good money to see Germans, where the hell are they?

I think Korey and I have been up for three days straight, at least it feels like it.  We had most of our trip planned pretty well, but we didn’t put any thought into how we were going to get from the airport to the hotel.  Korey dived right in, saying, “well, what do we have to lose?” and we ended up paying 2,75 Euros a piece to hop on a train that pretty much took us door to door.

Hamburg has got to be the least German of all cities in Germany…at least in terms of German population…or at least what we’ve seen of Hamburg.  Kidding aside, Hamburg reminds me of my trips to Toronto during the late 90’s, a melting pot of different cultures.  Within walking distance from our hotel, there were a ton of restaurants, but not one served German food.  We ended up eating a mash up of Italian and Portuguese.  Maybe that is the new German food.  There was lots of Curry Wurst too.

We haven’t taken a lot of pictures yet, but here are the few we have taken.

Tomorrow we’ll put on our tourist hats.

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