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My name is Todd Rathkamp.  I’m a genealogy hobbyist originally from Milwaukee, now living in Ripon, Wisconsin.

The Rathkamp Family Genealogy site attempts to share information about people I am descended from.  Almost all of my ancestors were German, with the exception of one great grandmother who emigrated to the United States from Sweden.  Some of my ancestors lived in northern Germany, just south of Bremen, others from Bavaria, some from Pomerania, and some in the German colonies in Russia.

Their stories of overcoming hardship and taking advantage of opportunities are fascinating.  It’s important for me to discover and tell these stories for my kids so that they can gain a better understanding of who we are.

I’m always interested in making connections with relatives.  If you’re a relative, please leave a comment!

Some of the names on this site include Rathkamp, Hulsemann, Hassell, Waege, Brockhaus, Wesenberg, Niesl, Dachs, Walz, Bischke, Leitzke, Damman, and Rempher.

I can be contacted at:  10-29-2009 11-43-47 AM

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