The Photo Tree and the Missing Branch

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From left to right, starting from the front row (my grandparents):  Bill Rathkamp, Alice “Pat” (Waege) Rathkamp, George Niesl, Emma (Walz) Niesl

2nd row (my great grandparents):  Wm. Waege, Ida (Brockhaus) Waege, George Niesl, Katherine (Dachs) Niesl, Fred Walz, Sophia (Bischke) Walz

3rd row (my great great grandparents):  Wm. Waege, Wilhelmina (Leitzke) Waege, Wm. F. Brockhaus, Paulina (Wesenberg) Brockhaus, Joseph Niesl, Katherina (Wadensdorf) Niesl, Alois Dachs, Anna (Kuchler) Dachs, Eduard Walz, Amalia (Damman) Walz, Michael Bischke, Katharina (Rempher) Bischke

4th row (my ggg grandparents):  Friedrich Wege, Wilhelmine (Unknown) Wege

Sad and ironic that I don’t have pictures of my Rathkamp ancestors beyond my grandfather.


  1. Really enjoyed your site!! Good job.
    My Great Grandfather, Wilhelm Bischke was Sophia (Bischke) Walz’s brother. He his family immigrated to Canada in 1903.

  2. Hi Todd. My last posting was an ooops. Sorry about that. My Wilhelm Bischke, born in 1850 was your G. G. Grandfather Michael Bischke’s brother. They had a sister, Sophia, born in 1843, so that is where I got confused.

  3. Love it. Friedrich and Sophia are my great gradparents. Love learning things like this and seeing pictures of them. I remember being at the Bischke family reunion years ago and it was crazy meeting people I never knew were related.

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