Bill & Pat’s Excellent Adventure

[singlepic id=19 w=320 h=240 float=left]Here’s another picture from the archives.  I’m guessing this picture was taken sometime in the ’50s.  From left, my grandmother, Alice “Pat” (Waege) Rathkamp, unknown friend, and my grandfather, Bill Rathkamp.  The tavern most likely was somewhere on the north or west side of Milwaukee.

Seeing a picture of my grandfather in a bar is akin to seeing a taxi in New York.  But seeing “Granny Pat” sitting on a bar stool is a little strange.  Must have been a special occasion.

My grandmother reminds me of Lucille Ball in this picture.

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  1. My great aunt was married to Emil Rex in Horicon. Her name was Esther (Bernd), but her nickname was Jessie. Emil seems to have been from a different Rex family than the Kurt Rex mentioned in your post on Horicon, but it’s quite possible they were cousins.

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