Pirates, Badgers, and The Dachs Family Singers

Last week I received an email from Annemarie Schrimpf.  It turns out Annemarie and I are third cousins 1x removed.  Her GG Grandfather, Johann Dachs, is my GGG Grandfather.  Annemarie still lives in the area of Bavaria that was the ancestral home of my 2nd Great Grandfather, Alois Dachs.  Alois came to Milwaukee in about 1880, where he became a saloon keeper.

Annemarie told me she got a kick out of my  DNA Test story, and relayed the following story  (keep in mind “Dachs” is German for “Badger”):

You must know the hole story about Dominik Dachs

(You can see, that all times we were looking for the emigrated members of our family).

In the seventies, there was given “Dominik Dachs und seine Katzenpiraten” in the Austrian TV. (By the way, it was a comedy for childreen.)

My mother read that, but she read “Kaspiranten” (like “Musikanten”) and so she thought, that would be an music-group. She spoke by herself: It is possible, that Dominik is a descendant of the members of our family who went to Austria und because all Dachses are talented in music, it may be, he has an own band.

In this time we had an old antenna and to see Austrian TV was impossible.  Mama went to her neighbors and asked her friend: “Mari, may I look Austrian TV by You? There is possibly a relative of us is on TV and I want look, if he has some similarity to us”.

Mari sad: “Yes, off course”, and she went to cowshed (stable) to to milk her cows.

So my mother and the neighbors son – Hermann (30) – were sitting in the living room an looking TV.

Later my mother told me the ending: “What do you think, what happened? What do you think what we saw? A badger! A really badger!!! And I said to Hermann: No! This one has no similarity to anyone of our family!!!”

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